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27 Nov - 29 Nov 2017

A Journey for Student Leaders

63 participants, 15 European countries.

It was the first event of the project Message to Europeans 3.0 and it has been great!

Main actors: The Student Leaders, young students selected among others for their ability to engage people and spread the message around.

Goals: meet the project, and  begin working on civic engagement and leadership.


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Meet the Student Leaders


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The second day of the event was the “Challenges Day” the Student Leaders, divided into teams, organised different formats of civic initiatives to reach out to people: two street referenda on the economic crisis and civic disengagement, interviews in the public transportation network on populisms, and a flash mob dance on the theme of migration. Another team set a social media campaign on the future of Europe.

'The challenges’ objective was related to the project’s goals: to tackle youth disengagement in present day politics through a new methodology based on experiential learning activities that strengthen civic identity, critical thinking and communication skills.


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"It was really interesting to interview the citizens of Warsaw on Populism. Especially because then you really get the input from the citizens, which is the whole point of this project."

"I liked the challenges because it united us and we had to get to know each other, also we saw what's it like interacting with the public."

"The challenge was interesting and it was nice to notice how much we can get done in few hours if everyone is motivated. I learned a lot about marketing in social media"

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Video recap of the event 

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