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11 April - 13 April 2018


The Hague Simulation

56 participants, 14 European countries.

It was the third event of the project Message to Europeans 3.0!!

Main actors: The Student Leaders, International and Dutch participants.

Goal: re-enact the original proceedings of The Hague Congress of 1948


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"We have created an incredible group of international people engaged with the future of our continent. We have learnt how to approach international negotiations and the great challenges our society faces today"

"When the event finished, I had the feeling that we made something different. It was not an empty conference, it was a whole process of debating and writing in which all of us were able to collaborate. I learnt a lot and I think that's the most important!"

"The concept was very good, the community, the thinking, the arguments were amazing, and it was a very good experience overall"

Message to Europeans 3.0 continues its activities nonstop around Europe. The third event of the European project took place from the 11 to 13 April 2018 in the nice city of The Hague, The Netherlands.

70 years later, 50 students have re-enacted the original proceedings of The Hague Congress of 1948 where politicians, trade unionists, academics, scientists, philosophers, artists etc paved the way for the first European integration process.


During the event the students worked divided in 3 international groups and will discuss on the future of the EU from a political, cultural and socio-economical points of view, producing three draft resolutions. Afterwards they presented in plenary the drafts that will be amended during the final event of the project in Brussels in February 2019.

Another group of students were involved in the simulation with the special role of journalists: they took care of the social media coverage during the event and gathered materials for its dissemination.


The event was mostly hosted by the Europe House of the Hague: the Representation of the European Commission and the European Parliament Information Office in the Netherlands.

Watch the video of the event!

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