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43 student leaders, 15 countries, 3 teams, 1 mission. These are the numbers of the Student Leaders, a group of young people selected for their ability to enthusiastically engage people online and offline and for their passion for Europe.

Boza from Slovenia, Roberto from Italy, Stjin from Belgium, Rafael from Germany, Lauren from Ireland, Marjo-Julia from Finland…

They are the project change-makers! Young people with great social and communication skills, interest for debates, proactivity and civic commitment, they will carry out the project Message to Europeans 3.0 in their countries... and beyond!

Their mission consists in building engagement in order to raise awareness and understanding in their local, national and international communities about European issues, creating thus a new narrative of the European political project.

Thanks to the project they will travel around Europe, gain new experiences and training, and meet many new people.

Organised in 3 teams, the Social Media Team, the New Narrative Team and the Civic Initiatives Team, they will work from different countries but with the same purpose, a renewed European narrative.

Want to know more about them?

Follow their adventures on our Social Media and read here below some of their stories!




When I first heard about Message to Europeans I thought it was my kind of place: people from abroad, paid trips and debating about the future of Europe. But I never thought I would be such a challenge. And that I would learn so much. Actually, this has been one, if not the most, daring, complete and enriching experience of my whole life. It may be because I'm still young, but it has definitively changed the way I see the things... and the way I see Europe. Before MtE, I saw Europe as a loved but distant friend; now, I have understood that Europe is my home and, above all, the house of the friends from all over the continent I met here. Thank you for everything!



The Message to Europeans 3.0: 

Challenging the traditional ways of interaction between the citizen and the political elite while travelling the European continent on the way, what better project could there possibly be?

High ambitions and a lot of energy forged experiences of ups and downs, a strengthened Europeans identity and friendships for a lifetime.

A big thank you to everyone involved.



Message to Europeans 3.0 has been one of the most ambitious European projects I have ever been part of. I have many things to be thankful for and proud of: two years of discussions and proactive citizens’ engagement all around the Continent, with six events and many more hours of Skype calls and email exchanges, are indeed an extremely enriching experience. But, more than everything, the ‘secret ingredient’ of the project has been the amazing team of Student Leaders, brilliant individuals actively committed to the success of our common endeavour, which made everything special. What is more, I believe that the results of the project will have a lasting impact, and I am committed, with the other Student Leaders, to make sure that this is so. We will present our Resolutions on the future of Europe to all the Members of the new European Parliament and we will make sure that the voice of all the European citizens that gave us their opinions and ideas will be heard.



Even at first glance, I knew that Message to Europeans was the perfect match for me. 

The aim of the program was to channel in the opinion of young people, to involve students in legislative, cultural and other procedures at EU level. The creators of the project focused on the future generation, they saw the future in us. As a "student leader", our task was to "channel in" the thoughts, ideas and fears of our friends, acquaintances, people living in our environment, and ultimately the people of the country we represent by organizing various programs and events.

5 unbelievable months, 7 fantastic events, new experiences and great fun. That was what Message to Europeans gave to me. I can’t express how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. I will miss all my new friends, the conferences and the atmosphere.  New challenges and adventures are ahead of me, but I will never forget what I have learned here.



If I had to summarize Message to Europeans in one word, it would be MOTIVATION. Throughout this project I have enjoyed incredible trips; I have met incredible people, with a common motivation: the passion for Europe. A group of young people with a common identity, willing to change the future of Europe ... Simply incredible



“Message to Europeans 3.0” has been one of the greatest experiences in my life for the friends I have made, for the discussions held and for the moments of joy this project was packed with. 

Despite the fact that I am a Pharmacy student, my innermost passion is politics, and so, this has certainly been a great path for me to point out my ideas and to stand for what I believe in; but, it has been a great opportunity to meet people who do not have my views and ideas and this is the beauty of high-level discussions.

I am sure that I have met wonderful, interesting, joyful human beings determined to work hard in order to defend our values, our history, our way of living and thinking. 

To conclude, I am deeply thankful to them for how much this project has enrich my mind and my soul. 



When I unpacked my thickest winter coat in November 2017 and got on a plane  to Warsaw, I didn't know exactly what to expect there. It's about something with Europe - the economic crisis, populism and migration. I had to realize that everything was completely different from what I expected. 

For two years we discussed politics and culture, we worked until late and we got to know each other. Not infrequently we became aware of how different the views and solution ideas in the different European member states are. It was a very important experience to learn how to bring different opinions together. 

The Italian, the Pole, the Spaniard or the Frenchman were suddenly no longer strangers with abstract opinions that are difficult to understand — They were friends you wanted to talk to in order to find compromises. 

Thank you for the wonderful two years, thank you EucA, thank you Message to Europeans 3.0!



It is very difficult to sum up a part of your life. Especially, if you have been involved in a project, that turns into a family.

During Message To Europeans, in fact, I had the opportunity to meet young people proud and convinced that they can contribute for making the European Union but also their ordinary life better. At the end, I cannot name them colleagues. I can only call them friends. With this family, I was able to engage more people in this project, trying to make them aware of the spirit that animates us in shaping our goals and narrative. The use of social media and offline activities, makes me conscious of the impact that conferences, flash mobs and street referendums can have in the ordinary life of people. That can be only a drop in the ocean. But if someone says to you: "Don't bother, it is too much, you are too little”, I will answer "I am doing what I can."


Bosnia and Herzegovina, resident in Germany

I believe that the new generations are our future leaders that will keep European unity and work on better and stronger Europe for everyone.



Albert Schweitzer once said “example is Leadership do something wonderful people may imitate it”. I have been honored to be a student leader with Message to Europeans do something wonderful, create a new narrative for the EU and I do hope the European Institutes will imitate it. Message to Europeans has thought me that’s it important to shape our future and Europeans can work together to create something wonderful.



Since coming to the harsh realisation that ruling over a monarchy is allegedly not a realistic career goal in this century I decided to opt for a career in diplomacy, in light of that Message to Europeans 3.0 was the perfect fit to fulfil the undying passion for foreign policy I feel in my soul. I intertwined souls with some amazing people from all different corners of the continent, and the memories from each stage of the project warm my heart immensely. I am ecstatic to be part of a team that is destined to make so much change in Europe.



"After 15 months of debating and sharing our ideas about the Future of Europe, the Message to Europeans 3.0 ended last February. Europe is facing today new challenges and we cannot forget that Europe has a self-defined responsibility for the minorities and for linguistic and cultural diversity. I believe this project was the right place to point it out with the future leaders of Europe."



I am an art, theatre and international politics enthusiast from Finland. I have really enjoyed the project and making new friends with diverse Europeans. Combining Northern lights to the bustle in Warsaw makes beautiful Europe.



I love everything capable of causing contentious issues: discussion is my bread and butter, and will always be. 
As a European my role is to question myself about every event, and encourage as many people as possible to do the same, for an inclusive Union.



When I first heard of Message to Europeans I knew I wanted to be part of it. From my first meeting, right up to the last moment I shared with all the other brilliant Student Leaders, and even today, I can’t emphasize enough the experience and insight I gained and everything I learned. I know it will be useful forever. 
The people I met, the friends I made, are long-standing proof for me of the importance of the EU and the vibrant bonds of mutual support that continue to fuel our ambitious European venture.
MtE is the most ambitious project I ever participated in, the work we achieved, made me realize just how much concerned, creative and committed people can accomplish and generate when we come together.  
It made me feel like one of the Founding Fathers of the UE - this is what the EU represents for me now. 
The MtE project will remain a beacon of hope in my life and for the future. Let’s stick together !



These 6 incredible conferences helped all of us to understand what is ahead of us. Now we all know that future of EUrope is in our hands. Ours and yours. Let’s make it perfect!



I had no idea what kind of life changing path I was on when I first took the train to go to the event of Message to Europeans 3.0. By working together with student leaders from around the world, I was so incredibly inspired to make a long-lasting and meaningful change in Europe.
Being in an environment where people aspire to create change, and where people motivate each other to start thinking outside of the box, is an amazing experience to go through. I am so thankful for this project for sparking an interest in me to create a brighter future for Europe, and to do so alongside amazing students. Discussing politics with the citizens and the politicians is exactly what is needed to find new ways of improving our surroundings, Message to Europeans is a project that gives people the voice and the ability to create an even better Europe.



I'm a change-maker in Europe. I run a think-tank, organise simulations, and connect the Estonian and international communities. I'm mainly interested in EU-Russia relations, yet my greater goal is to transform the EU into a global actor which everyone loves and trusts through thick and thin.

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