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The sixth and last event of Message to Europeans 3.0 will take place in Brussels!

Message to Europeans 3.0 project aims to inspire young people’s civic engagement via an innovative methodology of debate based on experiential learning activities that strengthen their civic identity, critical thinking, communication skills and promotes leadership in civic life. Through debates, simulations, local civic initiatives, and mock trials, University students from 12 countries discussed in 5 events pan-European issues (migration crisis, populism, economic crisis, future of Europe) and they will finish with the Brussels event, where the Student Leaders will present the final resolutions in what they have worked during the whole project, proposing a new narrative for Europe, on

19 -21 February 2019.

Accomodation and some meals will be covered by Message to Europeans 3.0.

Travels - up to 150€ for successful candidates will be reimbursed.

Deadline to apply 6 January 2019

Apply here

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