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The final #EUnarrative is out!

Political Resolution ​

We live in a time when the European Union is facing many challenges, such as the threat of terrorism, the difficulties in achieving successful cultural integration of immigrants and refugees, a deep social crisis (marked by the perception of rising inequality and international instability), and loss of confidence in national and international institutions alike. Although the relentless efforts made to strengthen and to retain peace, human rights, democracy and security in Europe since the Congress of Europe, which initiated the European project seventy years ago, cannot be denied, new and stronger measures are required to meet the present challenges.

Cultural Resolution

As Europe faces new challenges in light of the difficulties of multiculturalism, a greater focus on the cultural issues and values of the European Union is needed. There is an ever-growing need for a stable and high quality educational system. In addition, the need to secure the cultural integrity and identity of the citizens of Europe is becoming more evident every day. Moreover, information exchange has become a tool of great importance, thus the protection of unbiased informational platforms is crucial.

Economic and Social Resolution

Europe is facing growing globalization. Trade routes are becoming more accessible, social and fiscal variables are gaining importance due to the increased focus on equality, and European citizens are becoming more and more dependent on technology every day. Due to these trends there is a need to address, control, and aid the issues they bring with them in order to work towards a sustainable and safer Europe.

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