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Updated: May 7, 2018

Project Launch,gathering of the student leaders!

Only a few days before the first event of the “Message to Europeans 3.0”.

The event, the official launch of the Project, will take place on November 27-29 and will be hosted by the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland.

40 students selected from all over Europe are going to participate in a training as “Student Leaders”. Communication, social media, leadership, critical thinking, civic engagement will be the main issues during these Polish days. Many challenges have been organised for the participants with the ambitious aim of creating an international community ready to begin a new process all over Europe where young people will be the new civic leaders.

A new narrative for EU will be written through the people they will engage, the civic initiatives they will organise and the results gathered.

To learn more about the event and the adventures of the Student Leaders follow them on the social media of the “Message to Europeans 3.0”! Live streaming, pictures, videos, curiosities and many interesting news will be posted regularly.

Next stop? Budapest, March 2018!

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