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Updated: May 7, 2018

The second event of Message to Europeans 3.0: a mock trial on the topic of migration.

The Mismanagement of the Migration Crisis: Who is Responsible?

To answer to this question, a mock trial has been organised in Budapest on the next 5-6 March 2018. It will be the second event of “Message to Europeans 3.0” and it will give an important contribution in the process of the building of a new narrative for the EU, main aim of the project.

During the event, thanks to the activities organised by the Bibo Istvan College for Advanced Studies at Eötvös Loránd University, the Hungarian students will have the chance to debate and exchange thoughts with the Student Leaders, the international team of students involved in first line in the project.

For the mock trial there will be two trial teams, discussing the responsibility of the EU and the Member States in connection with the mismanagement of the Migration Crisis. Both teams will be supported by a group of researchers. Most importantly, there will also be a judge as moderator to assess the arguments and a popular jury, as senate, to deliver a final decision.

Furthermore, a team of students will take the position of journalists, taking care of interviewing the participants and covering the social media channels during the mock trial.

A preparation of the simulation is previewed for the first day. On the day after will take place the opening remarks and the start of the proceedings. The event in Budapest will be also the occasion to show and to organize some civic initiatives organised by the Student Leaders.

The event is just around the corner! Don’t miss the chance to learn more and to get prepared to it! Continue following the #RoadToBudapest on Social Media to discover more.

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