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Message to Europeans 3.0 at the EYE2020!

Do you remember the European Youth Event 2018? the big event taking place in Strasbourg every two years designed for young people coming from all over Europe?

After the successful participation of last year, the organisers are already hardworking on the next edition, the EYE 2020! Brand new activities, interactive sessions and innovative ways to involve the young participants in a holistic experience to develop new skills and outcome are in the official planning.

The news is that Message to Europeans 3.0 will be there! The group of the Student Leaders gathered thanks to the European Project, is currently brainstorming to organise engaging #CivicInitiatives and and other activities designed to foster the #ActiveCitizenship of the young Europeans present.

Other editions have gathered more than 8,000 people! Do you want to be part of the crew? Save the date! The event will take place on 29-30 May 2020!

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