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Is Hungary threatening democracy?

The Hungarian government tabled a bill on Monday 23 March, which would authorise the executive to rule by decree if adopted: in other words, the government is trying to expand its executive authority in order to rule by decree while the country remains in a “state of danger”.

Juan Fernando López Aguilar (S&D, ES), Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee, expressed his concern about the Hungarian National Assembly’s intentions. Although member states have a responsibility to take protective measures in these difficult times these measures should always ensure that fundamental rights, rule of law and democratic principles are protected.

Hungary is an important place for discussions about politics and democracy. Less than one year ago, our Student Leader, Antonio Ciccarone, participated in the Budapest European Agora - Identity And Democracy, organized by the Jacques Delors Institute and “Scuola di Politiche”: it was a great opportunity of discussion, debate and confrontation on the major topics regarding the European framework.

Check out our Instagram Post about Antonio's experience:

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