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Germany takes over the EU Council!

On 31 of June will end the European Council Presidency of Croatia and begin the German Presidency, which will last until 31 December. 

The Presidency rotates among the 27 EU Member States every 6 months. Each Presidency works closely with the two other member states: the one that preceded it and the one that will follow it. This partnership is known as the ‘trio Presidency’. So now, the Trio is composed of Croatia, Germany and Portugal. 

The Presidency role is to drive Council discussions on EU legislation and priorities and ensure cooperation among all Member States as an honest and neutral broker.

The Priorities of Germany in education will be: 

  • To prioritise the role of education and research in the ongoing Brexit negotiations

  • To defend and strengthen academic freedom

  • To obtain sufficient funding for the Erasmus+ programme, including funding for new measures such as the European universities

Find out more about the German Presidency and its priorities:

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