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Flashmob #Thistimeimvoting


European elections are right around the corner. The 23-26 of May 375 million electors will be summoned to the polls to exercise their democratic right to choose a new European Parliament. From Message to Europeans 3.0, we believe that is very important to take part in these upcoming elections, therefore we have made our contribution to spread the idea and encourage young people to vote.

What was our contribution?

78 students from 12 European countries gather in Brussels to make a Flashmob and support the #thistimeimvoting campaign of the European Parliament.


As Europeans we face many challenges, from migration to climate change, from youth unemployment to data privacy. And while most of us take democracy for granted, it seems under increasing threat. Therefore, we, as young europeans, care about the future of Europe and together we must decide what kind of Europe we want to live in, and to do so, we need to participate in the next European elections.

Join us at the Democracy’s party in May! #thistimeimvoting #FutureOfEurope

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