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31 January 2020: Brexit happened

The European Parliament approved the Withdrawal Agreement of the UK on Wednesday, January 22 with 621 votes in favour, 49 against and 13 abstention. 

Of course this is not the end of the relationship between the UK and the EU, as the UK has been a EU member for over 50 years and the ties that bind the peoples of Europe are strong and will remain in place.

The words of the EP President, David Sassoli: “We will all have to work hard to build a new relationship, always focusing on the interests and protection of citizens' rights. It will not be simple. There will be difficult situations that will test our future relationship. We knew this from the start of Brexit. I am sure, however, that we will be able to overcome any differences and always find a common ground”.

Thank you UK for the incredible value you brought to the EU, you will be deeply missed!

Find out more the Brexit:

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