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The Student Leaders are in charge of engagement. How to build engagement? They will learn this in Warsaw, during a 3 days training where they will be challenged to create debates and conversations online and offline! Stay tuned for the details!!!


The Migration Crisis is an hot topic since a couple of years. Could have it been tackled in a different way? The European Union, the states, the society could have done different choices? Is there a culprit? Well, you will discover this at the mock trial on the Migration Crisis!

The Hague

The Hague Congress (1948) has been a very special meeting. In the 50th anniversary of that historical moment, the vision laid down by citizens, politicians, academics, entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists is not compelling anymore apparently for many EU citizens. Do we need a new narrative for Europe? The Hague Congress will be celebrated again, and young people will spell very clearly a new ambitious vision for the EU!


It is all about communication and exchanging ideas. This is the only way to reach consensus on an issue. There will be a British Parliamentary Debate about Populism! Let’s discuss the populist discourses’ arguments and let’s debate!


The Economic crisis of 2008 has still an impact on our lives. Should it have been forecasted? The measures adopted were the right ones? What could have been done better? What can we do? Discover this in the Mock Trial that will be celebrated in Rome!


What a long road from Warsaw to Brussels!!! Now, we have a lot of experience about civic engagement! The methodology will be presented in Brussels with all the best practices collected! The highlight of the event will be a final debate on the Future of Europe!

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