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Resolutions on the go!

Street civic initiative

Six groups, six sentences taken from our resolutions, We stopped people in the streets of Ljubljana and asked them to choose if they agree or not with the statement using a green or a red card. 

YES or NO to some controversial statements taken by them.

1. A common European Identity is more important than National Identity
2. A unified economic policy is better than more autonomy to the member States
3. EU decision should be taken with the majority rather than unanimity
4. The enlargement of the Union is important for the next European elections

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European identity

Social civic initiative

Bar discussion among European students on European identity, Euroscepticism, European elections, reforms of EU institutions and EU Enlargement.

“I feel more Dutch than European,”– Lotte, the Netherlands

“We don’t need to trust (the Commissioners), but (we) have to know their responsibilities.”– Bojidar, Bulgaria

“EU membership shouldn’t be the goal (in EU Enlargement).”–Kristin, Estonia

“Is it (the EU) really having democratic deficit?”–Joannes, Estonia

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TV Interview 

Audio-Visual civic initiative

Our Student Leader, Kemal Nedzibovic, was interviewed on TV to explained our project.


Discussing about Belarus

Audio-Visual civic initiative

It’s in the EU’s Eastern Partnership and falls under the European Neighbourhood Policy, but how much do you know about Belarus?

Our Student Leaders, James & Julia, were able to learn more in an exchange project co-organised by the Association of Foreign Affairs (UPF) in Lund and the Centre for Swedish Studies in Minsk back in April.

They produced a radio show that might help to clear a few things up:


Radio Interview

Audio civic initiative

Our Student Leader, Guillermo González, was interviewed on Spanish radio to explained our project.


European identity 

Street civic initiative

Our Student Leader, Roisin O’Mahony, did a survey in the streets of Berlin asking about European & National identity.


YES - 4

NO - 9

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Thoughts about the EU

Street civic initiative

Our Student Leaders, Anna, Lilla & Daniel took plenty of colourful cards and a box. They asked the passers to write some thoughts about the EU on the colourful cards and then put it into the box.

These were the keywords of the responses: Easy travelling; I like it!; Diversity; Respect for each other!; Development; No passport; Open borders; We need less regulation!; Same thinking; Family; Immigration; No limits!; Economic crisis; No visa; Let us be in!; Solidarity; Less help; Gathering people; Stay!; Too big differences; Lack of parking; More support is needed; Establishments; Reform needed; Democratic value.


Knowledge about the EU

Street civic initiative

Our Student Leader, Guillermo, asked to spanish citizens at the main square of Palencia about general issues concerning the knowledge about EU, as well as personal opinion about EU  and its impact in Spain.

The opinions collected from citizens throughout the initiative highlighted that the Union had brought solidarity, a stronger currency, a common regulation on many issues, free movement of people, the common market, funds, integration between Europeans, and the fact that we were stronger together. However, we found few criticism: lost of identity, complexity of decision-making process, the fact that EU looks more about banks rather than about citizens, and that there are still inequalities.

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The future of Europe

Online civic initiative


Our Student Leader Marjo-Julia Hakkarainen carried out a online survey about the Future of Europe.

  1. Should the EU accept new member states?

  2. Should the EU member states have a common European culture and cultural heritage?

  3. Should the EU guarantee security against military threats?

  4. A “hard” or “soft” Brexit?

  5. Do you feel that you have an opportunity to affect on the future of EU?

  6. Should the integration between the EU member states still deepen.

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Campus Referendum

Campus civic initiative

Referendum regarding the EU banning memes under copyright law.


YES - 3

NO - 14


Migration crisis & the EU

Street civic initiative

The initiative consisted of engaging people in the city and to ask them to write on a poster their opinions on  how the EU handled the so-called ‘migration and refugee crisis’ and what it should change in the next few years.

The opinions collected from citizens throughout the initiative highlighted a general lack of confidence in how the EU managed the migration and refugee crisis so far.


Happy Spritz Europeo

Campus civic initiative

Our Student Leader, Francesco, discussed about the EU with other fellow students from Collegio Universitario Mazza in Padova. 


The civic initiative wanted to be a moment of debate about EU topics in a really relaxing mood. In fact, we start with having a happy hour talking informally about the Future of EU. Then, he presented the project  Message to Europeans.

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