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They can be anything that gets people engaged with European politics and policies: a mock trial, a conference, a public lecture, a street interview, a concert, an exhibition, a flash mob, a social media campaign, an essay competition, a living library, a role play, a simulation of a TV show, or running a marathon.


They become digital when they are published online and they spark engagement on social media! Some examples? Podcasts, newscasts, dances stunts, TV Series, or funny videos…


    Examples of questions to engage in civic dialogue:

  • What values do you think should guide politics, at all levels, local, national, European and international:

  • In a globalised world and transnational challenges like climate change, terrorism, migration etc, do you think that European states can act better alone or in the framework of the EU?

  • The EU was founded to bring peace to the European continent after centuries of wars; along the way it brought also prosperity to member countries. What do you think should be the main goal of the European project today and tomorrow?

  • Solidarity between citizens and Member States is one of the founding principles of the European project: although linked to the concept of generosity, do you think it has also a dimension of reciprocity and responsibility? How can States can show solidarity in times of crisis in spite of different national identities and interests?  

  • What qualities and values of political, civil servants and experts would inspire your trust in the ruling national and European establishment?

  • Do you perceive your government/EU as legitimate? Why?

  • If you could imagine a way in which state and European institutions could win back your trust, what would it look like?


Gathering inputs from many different people is our contribution to tackling the so-called european democratic deficit.

The goal is to get people to think, talk, express and debate opinions, ask questions on the causes, solutions, and much more!


Young people will be leaders in organising civic initiatives in their local, national and international communities with the aim to go viral!

Inspiration for easy civic initiatives formats:


  1. Opinions wall:

3. Messages in public spaces that inspire someone: click here!

5. Storytelling portraits: click here!

2. Voter portraits: click here!

4. Humans of NY: click here!

6. Want more? Read pg. 15-16 of the Student Leaders Guidelines!


Do you want to see your ideas here? Let us know at!

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